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Andrei Tale, Wolf Adventure
Tel: 0745456644
Roata de Jos, GR

About Us


We are a passionate group of cyclists, experienced guides on two wheels.

We organize guided tours for each fitness level. Down below, you can find reasons to join our outdoor tours:

•  Spectacular routes

•  Any fitness level

•  Experienced guides

•  Top performance ebikes

•  Fun with friends

•  Unforgettable moments

Explore with us the most beautiful MTB routes.

E-bike Experience

Either if you are experienced in cycling or not, the routes with us will make you fall in love with this sport and nature, in general.

Unforgettable Moments

Our ebikes make any route seem easy than riding a standard mountain bike and offers us the opportunity to ride long with very little effort.

Family Friendly

If you want to ride with your entire family, we offer ebikes for children, too. Moreover, we have two Thule Chariots that you can attach on your ebike and carry up to two children per chariot.

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Wolf Adventure is one of the few cycling organizers from Romania that offers Premium Ebikes with top performance equipment.